Type in Unicode Devnagari

This is a unicode typing aid also commonly know as transliteral. While posting something to the internet, it would be great to type in nepali font. But Nepali fonts like Preeti, Kantipur, Himalb aren't made for web use(however we do have workaround, they aren't feasible). You should be dependant on client to install such fonts on their home computer browsing the web or depend on online font which is not very bandwidth efficient. So to solve the problem we have unicode characters. Unicode characters are generalized characters designed to be used in web. But unicode is hard to type. One way to solve that problem is to use transliterals. like "ke cha ta halkhabar" is translated to "के छ त हालखबर". This tool helps you to type in unicode. This is easy solution for typing in nepali unicode or devnagari script. This tool only works when you are connected to internet. For offline use I suggest you to use google input tool. If you are not windows user you have to stick to online version of transliterals. As always if you have any feedbacks or suggestions, send them to my email address => codegluttoners@gmail.com. Have a great day.